About Us

What is our Mission?

Buzzards Bay Area Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

What is our Vision?

Where everyone has a decent and affordable place to live in the communities we serve.

How does Buzzards Bay Habitat for Humanity partner with families in the community?

  • Since established in 1996, we have been serving our most vulnerable neighbors in a pay-it-forward housing partnership by giving a hand up and empowering families to become part of their own housing solution.

  • We build decent, safe, well built, affordable homes alongside families who struggle to pay rent or mortgage payments in our community giving a family a foundation to build a strong future on.

  • Build homes with volunteer labor and donations of land, money and materials, as well as, at least 300 sweat equity hours the Habitat family invests into building their own home.

  • Buzzards Bay Area Habitat for Humanity is not a give-away program!
    Homes are sold to Habitat families
    and financed with affordable low interest loans. Mortgage payments are reinvested allowing additional families to be served.

  • We build stronger families! Owning a home has the potential to provide opportunities of success for families, especially for the next generation. By obtaining a home, the family has healthier surroundings that enable the whole family‚Äôs health to improve, both mentally and physically. With a greater sense of stability, children often make better grades and stay in school longer. Some further their education and grow in their careers because they have gained confidence and responsibility of owning a home. A new cycle begins and it all starts at home. Families with low income need affordable homeownership opportunities to provide a healthy, stable environment for their family.